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 The quiet man comes up against European law and makes a stand sitting down, saying ‘I’m breaking the pied pipers pipe!’

SYNOPSIS Marius came to the zoo to see the one-year-old giraffe, born just before his wife died a year ago. He hoped to relive the last joy his wife felt on seeing the newborn, but the giraffe has been killed due to a new European law. Marius is devastated. While protests continue, and the European commissionaire who brought in the law is in the spotlight he heads to a park and his wife’s favourite bench to remember their time together, but he’s confronted by the same commissionaire enforcing one of her new laws ‘3minutes only to sit on a park bench’. She’s not going to give up till she has moved him on, and she’ll move him by any means. However, the spirit of the giraffe is with Marius and he makes a stand determined to break the commissionaire’s control.
Director's Statement The film was inspired by the story that hit the headlines in 2014 about the Copenhagen Zoo killing surplus animals, specifically Marius the giraffe. Protesters went to the Zoo, where Marius was still killed. This is where the film starts. Tim's goal in making this film was to explore modern European feeling towards rules and regulations, the over enthusiastic law makers who expect people just to follow them, and the public who feel helpless to stand up. It's not meant to be anti-European, but to explore the conflict of idealism and freedom between two sides wanting what is best, though one has taken it to the extreme and made their view law. Tim believes we live in a time when one person's freedom is used by law to perversely make people do things and view things their way. He also wanted to show the story from the quiet man’s point of view, what would make him stand up for his views, beliefs and dreams.
DIRECTOR'S NOTES In making this film, Tim wanted to explore what it would take to make the quite man stand up and as Marius says ‘break the pied pipers pipe’. With most of the film set around a park bench, his intension was to create a confined claustrophobic feel in an open space. To do this he used strategic blocking to box Marius in so he and the audience feel trapped, and through the story dialogue explore the elements of freedom, and use misunderstanding through accusations, to show the limits someone will go to, to win.
TIM FRANCIS 'DIRECTOR' (writer/producer/editor/animator/music) Tim grew up with a sketchpad and camera in hand, given so he could draw and shoot pictures and stop drawing on the walls. His storytelling and vision is fuelled by a packed childhood of adventures. Tim spent all his teen years in youth theatres learning everything from lighting, circus skills, to stage management, giving him a love for visual story telling. He went on to move back and forth from acting in hundreds of commercials, films and TV programs, to working as a runner, design assisting, floor assisting and puppeteer. After graduating from JMU with an MA in screenwriting Tim began teaching himself filmmaking. He has made several short films in live action, animation, and time-lapse selling work in the UK and the USA, and has screened a short film at The Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. His main passion is character driven comedy films with insightful moments and beautiful scenes with sets full of layers of detail. He is presently working on a comedy feature film.
PHILIP MACDONALD 'CAMERAMAN / PRODUCER' Is a Media graduate, and now a teacher at the Liverpool film academy, and works at the Fact Cinema Liverpool. He's also a documentary filmmaker and keen photographer. Phil has worked on lots of projects for different people and worked with Tim Francis on time lapse projects and short films. He is developing several documentary projects at the present.
ROBERT SMITH (Marius) has been an actor for many years, he started out at the Liverpool Everyman Youth Theatre, where he first met Tim Francis. Rob became a child star in the Liverpool Soap 'Brookside' and since then he has worked on numerous plays, and teaches acting.
MAIRI-CLAIRE KENNEDY (Glenda) is an up and coming star from Liverpool. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA, California. Mairi has a love for theatre and the cinema and has starred in several plays, short films and has worked on TV pilots and webisodes. She has a natural gift, and loves going deep into character using research and method techniques.
ANDREW SMILLIE (Charlie) started out in acting through studying at Seconds Out theatre School where he first met Tim Francis. They worked on several plays together where Tim recognised and remembered his talent for comedy acting. Since that time he has had his hands full with 9 kids and is just getting back into acting, working on plays and studying improvisation. He has worked on several short films, 3 for Tim Francis.
SHANNON POWER (Carmen) is an acting student from Liverpool, and has performed in several plays and short films. She loves every aspect of performance, and enjoys nothing better than to be challenged by a role.
SIMON PATRICK FINN (Gary & The DJ) Keeps himself busy by working on short films and in theatre. He has a natural flair for character roles and enjoys searching to improve his performance through rehearsal, and every take. Simon also started his acting career at Seconds Out Theatre School where he met Tim and Smillie.
Cast Marius ...Robert Smith Glenda ...Mairi-Claire Kennedy Carmen ...Shannon Power Gary ...Simon Patrick Finn Charlie ...Andrew Smillie
 Crew Tim Francis ...Director / Writer / Producer / Editor / Animator / Stills Photographer / Music Philip Macdonald ...Cameraman / Co-Producer Dan Wishman ...Sound Mike Boland ...Sound Assistant Technical Information Title..... 3 Minutes For Marius Year Of Production..... 12th June 2015 Duration..... 14min Country Of Production..... UK Genre..... Comedy / Drama / Fantasy Production Format H264 1920p Ratio..... 1:85 Language..... English